Information for Employers

Employees in good health. What could be better, financially and physically, for both employers and employees? That's why the Integrity Health philosophy of care is this: Health first. We concentrate on keeping your employees healthy and productive. The evidence shows that health care savings follow. When companies try to save money on health care, they fail to aggressively promote the tests, screenings, and check-ups that lead to the early treatment of disease. Undetected diseases advance, and the cost of care skyrockets.

When We Succeed, Employers and Employees Save
Over time, Integrity Health's philosophy of "health first" drives down the cost of health care. And Integrity Health provides employers and employees with appropriate financial information about the actual cost of their plan so they can make informed decisions. Most plans won't do that, but Integrity Health makes that a priority.

Evidence of Savings
Let's look at the experience of an actual plan with 75,000 employees. (See the chart below.) In 2003, about 45,000 members of this group, 60%, experienced no claims or very low claims. They represented less than 5% of the plan's total spending, traditionally thought to be a low risk situation. By 2005, however, 1,406 of them accounted for a whopping 13.1% of expenses because they got sick. Had they received earlier diagnosis, their illnesses and the related expenses could have been significantly reduced.

# of
2003 Status 2004 Status 2005 Status 2005 Cost Average Cost
Per Patient
144 No Claims No Claims High
$2,634,581 $18,295
167 No Claims Below Median High
$2,608,094 $15,617
124 No Claims High
$2,330,706 $18,796
608 Below Median Below Median High
$8,594,487 $14,135
363 Below Median Potential High
$7,088,109 $19,526
Total # of Patients 1,406
1.7% of enrollees
Total 2005 Cost $23,255,977.
13.1% of plan cost

Trust Through Transparency
We establish goals and standards of performance for our program. This approach lets employers and employees know if they're getting good value. Employers also know exactly where their money goes because we share that information with them each year. Our approach leads to future cost stabilization. When costs stabilize, we tell employers how much has been saved.

Additional Information for Brokers
The Need for New Health Plan Standards:
Integrity Health can administer any plan design at a competitive cost. Employees appreciate that their benefits remain the same without any disruption. However, the most important reason to use the Integrity Health program is that it offers two features not readily available to this marketplace: effective, web-based early care advocacy and financial transparency.

These features are based on a philosophy of care that takes into account the financial impact of early care on the total cost of healthcare. The total cost of healthcare should never be measured solely in terms of monthly per-employee-per-month (PEPM) rates. The true cost of healthcare, the total cost, is found in these rates plus the cost of lost workplace productivity (absenteeism, diminished capacity while at work or distractions from ill dependents).

It is foolish to think low rates are attractive if they are coupled with low worker productivity. Even relatively high rates look better from an overall budget point of view, if the financial value of high workplace productivity is taken into account. The Total Cost of Healthcare (TCH) is the only proper benchmark for assessing the cost-competitiveness of health plan options.

Integrity Health's philosophy of "health first" drives down the total cost of health care, but that is not all. Integrity Health also believes that accurate financial disclosure and accounting is an essential component of effective benefit design. Totally Transparent Healthcare (TTH) is the benchmark for use of health dollars. How can employers and employees know what kind of benefit coverage best promotes health and productivity if they don't know the true costs of their plan? Integrity Health provides employers and employees with appropriate and detailed financial information about the actual cost of their plan so they can make informed decisions. It isn't often health plan sponsors and members receive simple, accurate disclosures of financial information. Integrity Health makes that a priority.

The total cost of healthcare (TCH) and total transparency of healthcare (TTH) need to be the new benchmarks upon which health programs are measured. Integrity Health is the new standard for health benefit administration.