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Relax! We've got you covered, and we're with you every step of the way. Now, staying healthy is easier than ever. With Integrity Health, you enjoy the best doctors, hospitals, and benefits. You even get the early care that can keep you healthy and on the move. With unique tools like My Health Advocate, you can make well informed medical decisions and stay your healthiest.

Keeping You Healthy at Work and Play

Members with Integrity Health are busy people. You work hard and play hard. You have no time to get sick. That's why you'll appreciate Integrity Health's advocacy for your health. The more you use Integrity Health's tools for early care, the less likely you are to become sick and the more likely you are to remain healthy for life and work.

Integrity Health Tools

Review Your Health Actions Daily
Explore powerful tools that can help you stay your healthiest.

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Keep Your Profile Up-to-date
Find all your health information in one secure place. Enter information about your over-the-counter medications, herbs, and vitamins.

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Manage Your Claims
Find the status and details of your claims. Find the costs of tests and medical visits.

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Easily Access Your Benefit Plan Details
See the details of your benefits and get the most out of your health insurance.

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Download Forms
Find, download and print medical and prescription claim forms, enrollment forms and others.

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Order Prescription Refills
Get information on prescription drugs, order prescription medicines online, and learn how you can save money.

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Go to My Health Gateway
Request, download, and print a form at My Health Gateway or have one sent to you or your doctor or hospital.

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Find a Doctor, Hospital or Lab
Get a listing, based on your individual health care plan, of the doctors, hospitals and labs near you.

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Receive Health Warnings & Alerts
Get the latest news and updates about medical issues and concerns.

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