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Announcement For Members Regarding the Shingles Vaccine

Partnership Health Center (PHC) is an innovative facility for health excellence. Each center is dedicated to a specific employer and the needs of its employees. It is a marriage of first-class, on-site primary care doctors and nurses, to the best in fitness/wellness counselors. With its emphasis on screenings, early intervention and fitness counseling, the motto “Repair & Prevent” comes to life at Partnership Health Center.


Services rendered at the Partnership Health Center are part of the employees' health program and do not require co-pays or out of pocket payments from employees. Easy access and sound, professional treatment are the hallmarks of services offered at Partnership Health Center. Although use of all aspects of PHC is voluntary, those who use the primary care medical and pharmacy facilities are strongly encouraged to also use the fitness counseling services. Likewise, those who take advantage of the customized fitness programs should visit the medical staff for integrated primary care. We trust you will take advantage of Partnership Health Center resources. Join us in good health!


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